• Motor:  6,2 kW
  • Battery: Lithium  72V/55 Ah
  • Max speed: 95 Km/h
  • Range: 120 km max.
  • Approved by DGT: Zero emissions

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Especificaciones técnicas

Lithium Battery Panasonic 72V

Always ready

Motor 9000W

Max power

Max speed 120Km/h


Range 150Km

Make long journeys

Weight 134 Kg

Best stability

120 / 80–17 M Tires

Sport precision

2 years warranty

Best after sale service

Disc brakes CBS

Safety first

  • Características

    Display LED
    Everything under control

    Max load 170Kg
    2 persons

    Charged in 3h/battery
    Always ready

    Steel frame
    More durability


    LED Light
    Max range visibility

    The Horwin cr6 electric motorcycle has a 100% American design, with gears and a displacement of 125 cc. Its powerful electric motor will allow you to circulate at a powerful speed and travel long distances. Its simplicity and lightness in driving the electric motorcycle make it perfect to move freely. If you try the new horwin cr6 electric motorcycle, you will notice its traction. It is a new model designed for those riders who like the purest American style, without neglecting the best features. Also, it complies with all the approvals of the DGT, as well as the zero emissions certificate and classification: L3e.

  • Descripción

    At Electyum, we work to bring you the best electric motorcycles, we like models with soul and sportiness. For this reason, we bring the new Horwin CR6 electric motorcycle, recognized for its design and technology, making this a sports electric motorcycle in the purest scrambler style and with the best features for the city. The 125cc electric motorcycle with Horwin CR6 gears, has a modern and innovative design, thanks to its unmistakable style and its sporty finishes both in the upholstery and all the metallic footrests, full LED lighting and its LCD screen.

    This 125cc electric motorcycle has Panasonic lithium ion batteries, and with a fast charging system in approximately 3 hours you will have 80% of the charge. This latest generation battery has a warranty.

    If you are looking for style and practicality, this electric motorcycle perfectly meets your expectations, you will be able to move quickly and safely, through any environment without having to depend on taxis or public transport. You just need to turn it on and set course for your destination. This 125cc electric scooter is compact, agile and stylish. It has a very comfortable ride thanks to its ergonomic position, which will allow you to drive long distances, without the need to feel fatigue. Horwin CR6, is the 125cc electric motorcycle for the city, which is homologated by the DGT as 100% 0 emissions, without having restrictive limits in your city and benefiting from innumerable economic advantages.

    Note that it has hardly any maintenance costs, just check the brakes and tires periodically. And a cost per recharge of € 0.5 per 100 kilometers.

    If we look inside this Horwin CR6 electric city motorcycle, it is equipped with a powerful 72V 55Ah battery, offering you good acceleration, always smooth and prolonged. Its electric motor offers a nominal power of (6.2 kW) guarantees a maximum speed of 95 km / h, with hardly any noise, with an acceleration from 0 to 60 km / h in just 6 seconds. Likewise, its full charge you can have this 125cc electric motorcycle in just 4 hours of charging thanks to its fast charging system and travel up to 150 km of autonomy. As well as a 5-speed manual gear system.

    Its robust chassis is an alloy of magnesium and aluminum, it is safe and only weighs the electric motorcycle of 134 kg. Regarding its hydraulic suspension system, it allows you to easily adjust it and adapt to any type of surface. This 125 cc electric motorcycle is very safe thanks to its cbs disc brakes, distributing the braking on both discs, guaranteeing you safe braking in all conditions. Its LED lighting will allow you to circulate through low-light areas without risk. But this is not all, this electric motorbike with gears has an electronic alarm system for attempted theft, making it the most complete on the market.

    The 125cc Horwin CR6 electric city motorcycle, has the following accessories: wide trunk, CBS disc brakes, upholstery with sports edges, LED lights, new electric motor 0 emissions, homologated by the DGT, 2 seats

    If you are looking for design and comfort, look no further than electric motorcycles, the Horwin CR6 electric city motorcycle is your perfect model.

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