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  • Motor: 2 motors 6640 W
  • Battery: Lithium LG 72V 35Ah
  • Max speed: 100 Km/h
  • Autonomy: up to 140 Km
  • Fináncialo sin papeleos
  • Envío gratis en 3-5 días laborables
  • Distribuidor oficial de dualtron
  • Devoluciones:
    • Hasta 14 días, siempre que se encuentre en perfecto etado, sin usar y conserve embalaje original.
  • Pago seguro:
    • Métodos de pago encriptados y avalados por etrusted, para una experiencia segura.
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Especificaciones técnicas

Battery lithium LG 72V 35Ah

Best performance

Motor dual HUB 6640W

Max power

Max speed 100 Km/h

Limited to 25 Km/h

Range up to 140 Km

Long journeys

Weight 40 Kg

Max stability

11" Off-road tires

All mountain tires

2 years warranty

Best post sales service

Disc brake

System EABS

  • Características

    Display LCD
    Everything under control

    Max load 150 kg
    All under control

    Charged in 5-15h
    Always ready

    Aviation aluminum
    More durability

    Dual suspension adjustable
    Max stability

    LED lights 360º
    Max vision range

    This Dualtron Ultra 2 electric scooter is a 4×4 model designed to tame any type of terrain, thanks to its 11 “inch tires. This is the best electric scooter for both mountainous or city terrain. Its LG battery and powerful dual x2 motor 6640W, is the ideal combination for all those riders looking for a powerful electric scooter with total flexibility, being one of the top Dualtron electric scooters.

  • Descripción

    The successor of the Dualtron Ultra is just around the corner, and this is because Minimotors renews its electric scooter this year for the new Dualtron Ultra 2, more innovation, even more surprising if possible. The main novelty of the Dualtron Ultra 2 is its overwhelming power with BLDC Dual HUB motors that reaches peaks of 6640W that together with its high-quality 72V and 35Ah LG battery will give you brutal performance reaching a maximum speed of 100 Km / h that will do the delights of speed enthusiasts (limited to 25km / h. Unlimited to 100km / h: only at the customer’s request, for private use only) and an autonomy of up to 140km! Without a doubt, we can say that the Dualtron Ultra 2 is going to be the world leader in all-in-one offroad scooters : super powerful , off-road , safe, comfortable, high-quality design, smart and durable.

    The Dualtron Ultra 2 incorporates the ability to climb slopes of up to 35º. And for those looking for an infinite scooter, its 140km of maximum autonomy will make you forget about stopping.

    As for its renewed design, it maintains the lines and essence of Dualtron with more angular and modern shapes , with materials of exceptional quality such as aviation alloys and carbon fiber to ensure its resistance and durability. In addition, it now incorporates lighting in the Deck to give it more visibility at night in addition to giving it that touch of distinction typical of the brand.

    The Dualtron Ultra 2 comes with the following enhancements over its predecessor the Dualtron Ultra:

    – Adjustable suspensions with 5 possible configurations with cartridges (optional)

    – The taillights have been positioned at a higher height and now incorporates lights in Deck .

    – Footrest-rear spoiler for better driving comfort and driver safety.

    – The controllers with a capacity of 40Ah have been improved and with greater resistance to water. In addition, they are located in the rear wing which will allow the user to enjoy more torque and higher top speed without overheating the drivers.

    – 11 ” ultra-wide offroad wheels .

    A real beast on 2 wheels !!

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