• Motor/s: 500W
  • Battery: Lithium 7.5 Ah battery
  • Max speed: 25 Km/h
  • Autonomy: Up to 28 Km

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Especificaciones técnicas

Lithium battery 7.5Ah

Perfect performance

500W motor

Max power

Max speed 25 Km/h

Limited to 25 Km/h

Autonomy up to 28 Km

Long time journeys

17 Kg weight

Perfect stability

8,5" Pneumátics

Sports precision

2 years warranty

The Best post sale service

Electric brake and disc

EABS system

  • Características

    Display LCD
    APP Bluetooth

    Maximum load 120 kg
    Everything under control

    Charged in 4-5h
    Always ready!

    Aluminum Materials
    Assured durability

    Rear suspension
    Maximum stability

    360º LED lights
    Maximum vision range

    This Olsson Stroot Tutti Cuori electric scooter is an authentic urban model designed to dominate the streets of your city, thanks to its 8.5 “inch tires. This is the best electric scooter to navigate any street or highway in your city. new battery and powerful 500W motor, it is the ideal combination for all those riders looking for a powerful electric scooter with total lightness, being in the top electric scooters and being the best alternative for the Xiaomi M365 scooter.

  • Descripción

    The Olsson Tutti Cuori Urban Edition electric scooter will fascinate you with its elegant design and technological equipment in terms of performance and safety that make it unique for your tours, all with the greatest comfort.

    This Olsson Tutti Cuori Urban Edition electric scooter comes equipped with a 500W motor and a high-capacity 7,500mAh lithium battery with which you will achieve a maximum speed of 25 km / h and a range of up to 28Km / h. All this in just 17Kg of weight!

    The Olsson Tutti Cuori Urban Edition integrates an innovative double closure system in the folding that makes it one of the safest on the market, avoiding vibrations when driving. Its design is compact and safe, perfect to store at home, in the office or in the trunk of the car.

    It comes equipped with a double braking system, with a front eABS electric brake and an anti-lock rear disc brake, 8.5 ″ anti-puncture tires with an innovative honeycomb system, which absorbs irregularities from the ground, and this together with its rear shock absorbers. provide good suspension and non-slip grip. Regarding the lighting, the OlssonTutti Cuori Urban Edition comes with an LED headlight that is characterized by the intensity of its light, for night driving and to be seen in total safety, rear light, both in position to be identified, as well as light. braking to warn pedestrians and vehicles.

    The Olsson Tutti Cuori Urban Edition will give you all the control in your hands since on the handlebar you have access to the accelerator, the brake system, the bell and the display.

    On its display you can change the speed level from ECO mode to SPORT mode on and off the lights, view the level of autonomy and with the OLSSON STROOT application, pairing your smartphone via bluetooth.

    This Olsson Tutti CuoriUrban Edition electric scooter has the following accessories: 7,500mAh high capacity lithium battery, 500W motor, double folding closure system, double electric and disc braking system, 8.5-inch anti-puncture tires, rear suspension, front and rear LED lights, display, two driving modes (eco, sport), bluettooth and cruise control.

    If what you are looking for is a comfortable, safe, light electric scooter, with the best features and that allows you to travel long distances without loading it too much, the Olsson Tutti Cuori Urban Edition will surprise you!

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