• Motor:  3000W Brushless
  • Battery: Lithium 72V/40Ah
  • Max speed: 80 Km/h
  • Range: 130 km / 1 person (75kg)
  • Climbing power: 25% (2 persons, 140 Kg)

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  • Fináncialo sin papeleos
  • Envío gratis en 3-5 días laborables
  • Distribuidor oficial de sunra
  • Devoluciones:
    • Hasta 14 días, siempre que se encuentre en perfecto etado, sin usar y conserve embalaje original.
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Especificaciones técnicas

Lithium Battery 72V/40Ah

Always ready

Motor 3000W Brushless

Max power

Max speed 80Km/h


Range 130 Km

Make long journeys

Weight 115 Kg

Best stability

110-70-12 Tubeless tire

Sport precision

2 years warranty

Best after sales service

Disc brakes

Safety first

  • Características

    Digital LED display
    Everything under control

    Carga máxima 180 Kg
    2 personas

    Charged in 4-5h battery
    Always ready

    Steel frame
    More durability


    LED lights
    Max range vision

    If you are looking for an electric motorcycle to travel every corner of the city and also use it on the road, the Anger 125E registered 3000W 40Ah is perfect for living life on two wheels! Driving on the roads, highways and expressways of Europe has never been easier! You just have to prepare your route and enjoy!

  • Descripción

    The new Anger electric motorcycle is the new version of the Hawk model with a power of 125E. It is equipped with a 3000W Brushless electric motor located on the rear wheel. This motor offers maximum power and does not have brushes, which allows less wear on its materials by not producing friction and its consumption is lower (40% less compared to other motors), allowing greater savings and a longer useful life in the motorcycle.

    It incorporates a digital screen where you can see the kilometers traveled, the time, the battery level. It has a fingerprint reader boot that provides greater security on the motorcycle. It also incorporates 3 speeds, parking button and reverse gear.

    The Anger has a modern stereo and Bluetooth system to listen to music, as well as a USB port to charge your mobile.

    This electric motorcycle has an enlarged 220mm brake disc, which allows you to brake over short distances. Its finishes and its modern design will enchant you. It has a front LED light with a wide viewing angle, perfect for driving at night.

    Anger is equipped with two high performance 72V / 20Ah lithium batteries. With this type of battery you can reach a maximum speed of 130km. In addition, they have an optimal size that allows it to be easy to transport. Charging time is only 4-5 hours. The service life is 1000 charge cycles.

    The Anger electric motorcycle features a combined front and rear wheel brake system, front and rear hydraulic shock absorber for a more stable ride on bumpy roads.

    The maximum speed that can be reached is 80 km / h with which you will obtain a range of 130 kilometers, in addition to being waterproof!


    On the key of your Anger you can find a label with the QR code for Android and another for iOS that will link you to the SUNRA app with which you will have control of Anger on your Smartphone:

    – Lock and unlock the alarm.
    – Turn off and on your motorcycle.
    – Opens and closes the trunk remotely.
    – Press the Mute button, which silences the vehicle.
    – Fingerprint configuration, so you can add as many as you want.
    – Carry out a check of the vehicle’s condition.
    – Check the tire pressure.
    – Register new physical keys or Bluetooth keys.
    – Proximity sensor for bluetooth accessories, where you decide the linking distance.

    You can download the App through the following links:



    This electric vehicle can be driven from 15 years of age with a moped license.

    All Sunra brand electric motorcycles have a 2-year warranty including the battery and national professional technical support in the network of workshops in Spain where you can perform maintenance and warranty on your vehicle.

    In the price of the vehicle is included the delivery in the peninsula, DGT rate, management registration plate and municipal traffic tax for the current year, which will be sent between 3-4 days after receipt of the electric motorcycle, upon request. Customer ID.

    The Sunra Anger electric scooter is approved by the General Directorate of Traffic and the Ministry of Industry as a 0 emissions electric moped.

    – Includes: Start with Fingerprint Reader + Bluetooth Device and stereo system + USB Charging + SUNRA App + Reverse Gear + Parking Button + 3 Speeds
    – Measurements: 1900 × 730 × 1100mm
    – Optional trunk

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