• Motor: 2 motors 1000W
  • Battery: 60V 24.5Ah
  • Max speed: until 70Km/h (limited 25Km)
  • Range: until 100 Km

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  • Fináncialo sin papeleos
  • Envío gratis en 3-5 días laborables
  • Distribuidor oficial de kaabo
  • Devoluciones:
    • Hasta 14 días, siempre que se encuentre en perfecto etado, sin usar y conserve embalaje original.
  • Pago seguro:
    • Métodos de pago encriptados y avalados por etrusted, para una experiencia segura.
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Especificaciones técnicas

Battery 60V/24.5Ah

Perfect performance

2 motors 1000W

Max power

Max 70Km/h

Limited 25 Km/h

Range 100Km

Long journeys

Weight 29Kg

Best stability

Tires 10''

Sport tires

Warranty 2 years

Best after sales service

Hidraulic disc brake

System ABS + NUTT

  • Características

    Display LCD
    All under control

    Max load 120 kg
    All with you

    Loaded in 8h
    Always ready

    Aluminium materials
    Durability insured

    Dual suspension

    LED lights 360º
    Max visibility

    This electric scooter Kaabo mantis gt, Its safety features are unbeatable, made up of hydraulic disc brakes + ABS Zoom system to guarantee you braking with full safety. At the bottom, its double front suspension will allow you to control the electric scooter at all times. Its powerful LED lighting system, both on the front, side and rear, will provide you with great visibility and reach, even in low visibility situations.

  • Descripción

    We already have the latest novelty here from the Kaabo brand, the Kaabo Mantis GT electric scooter . This is in the top urban scooters; its features are high-end, to equip this electric scooter with the best components. The Kaabo Mantis GT is designed to travel long distances and enjoy driving to the fullest. This has an aluminum chassis, designed to obtain greater speed and lightness.

    The range Kaabo Mantis is located in the top electric scooters, thanks to its great range, speed and lightness. They make the Kaabo Mantis GT the best electric scooter for the city, thanks to its sporty design and its power, you will be able to overcome all kinds of obstacles in the city and complement it with your outings on mountainous terrain. Another great virtue of the Mantis GT , is its suspension system having flexibility to absorb any impact without damage. Its ultralight aluminum interior structure makes it weigh only 23.6 kg , combined with its easy folding system, you can easily transport and store it with one hand.

    The Kaabo Mantis GT has two 1000W x2 motors, providing you with an immediate response and reaching a maximum speed of 70 km / h (limited to 25 km / h to comply with current legislation). Inside, the latest generation LG 60V 24.5 Ah battery guarantees an incredible range of 100 km, with this you can create long journeys without recharging. In addition, it has various driving modes, offering you a more personalized driving experience , including cruise control, an essential complement, designed to facilitate journeys at limited speeds. Its safety features are made up of Zoom semi-hydraulic disc brakes , reducing braking distance to the maximum. But without a doubt, it is an extremely flexible model , thanks to its front and rear suspension, it will allow you to control the electric scooter at all times avoiding any obstacle, no matter how great. Its LED light system , both on the side and rear, will provide maximum safety in your driving.

    The top Kaabo Mantis GT electric scooter has the following accessories: LG battery , LED lights, double rear and front suspension, LCD display, turbo button, horn, kickstand, 10 ”wheels, rear fender, easy folding, light , aluminum chassis, double key, ergonomic handlebar, anti-slip base, support for transport bag.

    The Kaabo Mantis GT is the best urban electric scooter of the Kaabo brand , making this a sustainable and a quality model. But without neglecting sportiness, speed, lightness and flexibility. With it, you can travel all kinds of paths, go to the gym and to work, without worrying about autonomy.

    The best two-wheel electric sports car. What are you waiting to try it?

    Important: This scooter is optimized to comply with the new traffic regulations.

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