• Motor/s: Dual 1000W
  • Battery: Lithium LG 60V 28Ah battery
  • Max speed: Uo to 70km/h
  • Autonomy: up to 100Km

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  • Envío gratis en 3-5 días laborables
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    • Hasta 14 días, siempre que se encuentre en perfecto etado, sin usar y conserve embalaje original.
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Especificaciones técnicas

60V/20,8Ah battery

Perfect performance

1000W motor

Max power

Max speed up to 70Km/h

Perfect mix lands

Autonomy up to 100Km

Long term journeys

30Kg weight

Lightness and stability

10''x 3" tires

Sports precision

2 years warranty

The Best post sale service

Hydraulic disc brakes

Rear discs

  • Características

    LCD display
    Everything under control

    Maximum load
    Up to 120Kg

    Charged in 7-14h
    Always ready!

    Carbon Materials
    Aluminium alloy

    Doble Suspensión
    Máxima estabilidad

    360º LED lights
    Front and rear

    This Currus NF11 electric scooter incorporates a dual 1200W motor and a LG 60V 28Ah lithium battery to choose from with which you will achieve a maximum speed of 70Km / h and a range of up to 100 Km, and all this at a weight of 30 Kg!

    If you are looking for a powerful and rugged electric scooter, the currus nf11 scooter, with a fantastic performance, and incredible features to move with agility. You are looking for an authentic off-road scooter, the currus nf11 e is your perfect companion!

    Equip yourself with the best Xiaomi Smart4u scooter helmet.

  • Descripción

    As we always know that you are looking for the best novelties in electric scooters, without further ado we present the new currus nf11 phanter scooter, it belongs to the currus scooter manufacturer. With experience and manufacture of their electric scooters. All the internal components of this currus electric scooter have been improved and reinforced to make it much more resistant to water and shocks. Thus, inside this powerful electric scooter currus nf11, you will find components with high guarantee and durability from the brand of minimotors scooters.

    Its design will not leave you indifferent, the appearance of the currus nf11 reflects robustness and hardness. Highlighting its carbon handlebar, its LED lights with a long range, and its structure the most robust that exists in the market. But this is not all, its hydraulic brakes are accompanied by tires with perfect adherence to the road. You can parameterize all your tours within the LCD eye minimotors display, identical to the one that any dualtron scooter can carry. This electric scooter model is included within the segment of the dualtron X scooter range, dualtron storm scooter, dualtron ultra scooter, ice q5 max scooter.

    The Currus NF11 phanter scooter is a guarantee of quality and reliability, it incorporates a dual 1000W motor and a 60V 28Ah LG lithium battery, offering you a unique driving power and safety. Reaching a maximum speed of 70Km / h and a range of up to 100 Km in eco mode, and all this at a weight of 30Kg!

    Its 10×3 “wheels will provide you with a complete experience of grip and traction on all terrains. The double suspension of the Currus electric scooter is adjustable in 3 positions adapting to your driving, making it comfortable and safe on your currus electric skateboard. The Currus Nf11 phanter, is an off-road scooter, created to roll long distances quickly and safely, all the materials that compose it are very resistant capable of withstanding large impacts. Its easy-folding system has a pin to adjust the scooter well and prevent it from opening.

    If we talk about its security features, it comes equipped with an extremely powerful LED lighting system, which will allow it to be identified by other vehicles and illuminate in low-light areas. As well as its raised rear platform, with a led lud visible from many meters. This electric scooter does not lack detail, double hydraulic disc brakes that will allow you to have a fast and efficient braking in any type of situation, almost one of the best brakes on the market that it has equipped. But it does not end here, its double suspension will absorb large impacts without affecting your driving, it is a true off-road electric scooter. From Electyum, we recommend or make responsible use always equipping yourself with the best accessories, a helmet for a xiaomi Smart4u scooter or another integral helmet.

    This Currus NF11 electric scooter incorporates the following accessories: Wider and brighter base, carbon handlebar, carry handle, LG battery, easy folding and safe, 10×3 ”wheels, dual x 1000W motor, powerful rear and front led lights, reflective , double load entry, safety key, LCD screen, double suspension (improved and regulated), horn, double hydraulic disc brake, kickstand …

    If you are looking for a comfortable and safe powerful electric scooter, this Currus nf11 phanter will be your perfect companion on the road. Making you unstoppable and creating your own routes!

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